Making everyday fun is the main motto of World of Wonders Daycare- the best childcare in Brooklyn. With a lot of amazing activities designed to keep the children engaged and happy to learn, we assemble ideas that are practical and experiential. We aim at developing the child’s emotional, social and physical skills that will help him / her in the long run. As your partner in teaching and imparting early education, we have gone all the way in developing age appropriate curriculums that are child-friendly and easy to grasp. After extensive study and research, our team of teachers has developed what you see and experience today. We have ensured that every classroom is print-enriched that helps the children to stimulate their early literacy skills. Each classroom is fully-equipped with various learning features that help and encourage the child to discover and explore. Our range of subjects vary from arts, science, Go ahead
As a leading childcare center in Brooklyn, our main focus is to bring a change in the child’s early learning capabilities by incorporating new methods of teaching. Our curriculum meets the NYC DOE Common Core Foundations in almost all subject areas thus ensuring that your child receives the best care and learning experiences while staying here. We understand the challenges that every parent faces when it comes to their children and their learning capabilities. You need to know that all children are made differently, with a different learning pace. Before enrolling your child, we speak with the parents in detail regarding their expectations about the program and the school. We then take them through the curriculum that is specially designed for 2 to 6 year old’s only. Being age appropriate makes it a whole lot easier for kids to grasp what is being taught to them. Right from recognizing patterns Go ahead
With the best daycare center in Brooklyn New York, your child’s journey through childhood becomes more enjoyable and exciting. Our team of highly-qualified teachers ensure that each child gets equal individual attention by interacting with them continuously. We make sure that your child is comfortable always. Our goal is to be able to have each student understand the basic concepts of early education covering different spheres. From Science to Math, English to Creative arts, there is so much for children to participate in and learn from. All our programs are designed as per the specific age group that ranges from 2 years old to 6 years old. The basic teaching starts with fine and gross motor skills, developing sensory organs, etc. and finally ends with enhanced reading skills such as rhyming and blending words, patterns and single digit addition and much more. With changing time, we have evolved our teaching Go ahead
When you have the best daycares in Bensonhurst, World of Wonders Daycare, there is nothing to worry. With over 20 years of experience in this field, we have developed child-friendly curriculums to help them gain maximum benefit. Our programs are exceptionally designed to meet the growing nature of today’s dynamics and ensure that each child goes back happy. With the help of age defined curriculum, you can be rest assured that they will learn something new and better at each stage. From developing their fine and gross motor skills to honing their creative side, pattern recognition to rhyming words, blending and sight words to developing their mathematical abilities, there is something for each child at our center. Before we enroll your child, we understand his / her nature by having a detailed chat with the parents. This enables us to address their problems well. You can also give special instructions Go ahead
As one of the leading daycares in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, World of Wonders Daycare, has earned a reputation that precedes it. With an excellent team of tutors and caregivers, we align children to match their enthusiasm to learn and develop with our program. Over a span of nearly two decades, World of Wonders Daycare has catered to hundreds of parents and children looking at acquiring wholesome education. The curriculum is specifically designed to meet the growing demands of today’s age, enabling the child to hone his / her skills in a structured manner. We have become one of the most sought out daycare and early childcare learning center in the area because of our approach towards education. We combine the goodness of physical education with that of academics, making a child get the best of both the worlds. Our programs are age appropriate and are designed specifically targeting each age group Go ahead
When you log on to find out about World of Wonder preschool curriculum you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Each program is designed to make your child a better kid and facilitate his / her growing needs. Our preschool program aims at teaching children via hands-on activities that are teacher-directed. Our main goal is to assist children in meeting their academic potential via play and exploration. This also constitutes our major focus on experiential learning. When children try everything themselves, they learn better and understand in a better way. By way of touch and feel, audio-visual method, you are giving your child a chance to learn and know their immediate surroundings better. We get them school ready while addressing their different learning capabilities. Our work is concentrated towards emerging skills that involve blending and phonetics, rhyming and sight words, math skills such as pattern recognition, single digit familiarization, Go ahead
As a leading daycare facility, World of Wonders preschool is an apt place for your children to grow. Our curriculum is designed and created to cater to the specific needs of every age group. By participating in various programs we develop their gross and fine motor skills, enhance their creativity, and nurture their sensory experiences. We adapt the experiential teaching method that teaches the child to do various things by actually seeing and doing them. This gets them more acquainted with their immediate surroundings and also creates a better growing environment for them. As they grow, we help by acquainting them with early concepts of alphabets, mathematics, literacy, and creative arts. They are also encouraged to learn sight words, rhyming words, blending sounds, phonetics, recognizing patterns, etc. We apply a thematic approach to learning of academic subjects and also inculcate the joy of celebrating different holidays and festivals. All our Go ahead
World of Wonder Daycare Center is a leading daycare situated in the different areas of Brooklyn. With an extensive team of highly-qualified teachers, we understand the different needs of young minds between 2 to 6 years of age. Every child grows at their own pace and we completely understand that. Some may be curious minds while others may love physical activities; to make sure that your child gets the best of both the world’s we design our curriculum as per their age. From daycare to education, our interactive learning experiences facilitate the holistic development of a child. The curriculum fosters your kids development requirement and encourages to meet their specific need. While addressing the needs of your child, we also pay extensive attention to their safety and security as well as nutritional needs. We encourage parents to also interact with their children at their level and pay attention to their Go ahead
Early childcare center Brooklyn NY, World of Wonders Daycare, is a leading kids facility enabling 2 to 6 year old’s holistic development. With a team of professional and certified caregivers, we believe in nurturing a child’s growing years with the most appropriate curriculum. All our academic and co-curricular activities are specially designed to meet every child’s age requirement. Our staff has been there with us for many years and hence understand the psychology of every child. We know that children have their own pace of growing and understanding and hence our full-time programs are innovative and exciting for children to participate in. We ensure to speak with the parents before enrolling the child, to understand their specific requirements, areas of improvement and development. From speech therapy to occupational therapy, cognitive and physical growth or special instructions, there is something for every one under one roof. Believe in making a difference Go ahead
World of Wonder Daycare Brooklyn New York has been catering to the developmental needs of children from a really young age. With age appropriate curriculum designed for 2 year old to 6 year old children, our team of professionals help in nurturing every aspect of a child to increase their social and emotional skills. The group of teachers are trained and certified in different fields of child care like education, speech therapy, special instructions or occupational therapy, we are here to take care of it. We begin with parents undergoing an evaluation process to understand their specific requirement and then present a full-fledged program to help their children cope up with different aspects of development. Our curriculum helps in stimulating the physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills children, getting them ready for different phases of life. We aim at creating a safe and secure environment for the child to make Go ahead