As a leading daycare facility, World of Wonders preschool is an apt place for your children to grow. Our curriculum is designed and created to cater to the specific needs of every age group. By participating in various programs we develop their gross and fine motor skills, enhance their creativity, and nurture their sensory experiences. We adapt the experiential teaching method that teaches the child to do various things by actually seeing and doing them. This gets them more acquainted with their immediate surroundings and also creates a better growing environment for them.

As they grow, we help by acquainting them with early concepts of alphabets, mathematics, literacy, and creative arts. They are also encouraged to learn sight words, rhyming words, blending sounds, phonetics, recognizing patterns, etc. We apply a thematic approach to learning of academic subjects and also inculcate the joy of celebrating different holidays and festivals.

All our teachers are fully-trained and certified to take care of children between 2 to 6 years of age and take special note, if there is a specific need that needs to be addressed. For more information regarding World of Wonders preschool, connect with us on today!