Making everyday fun is the main motto of World of Wonders Daycare- the best childcare in Brooklyn. With a lot of amazing activities designed to keep the children engaged and happy to learn, we assemble ideas that are practical and experiential. We aim at developing the child’s emotional, social and physical skills that will help him / her in the long run.

As your partner in teaching and imparting early education, we have gone all the way in developing age appropriate curriculums that are child-friendly and easy to grasp. After extensive study and research, our team of teachers has developed what you see and experience today. We have ensured that every classroom is print-enriched that helps the children to stimulate their early literacy skills. Each classroom is fully-equipped with various learning features that help and encourage the child to discover and explore. Our range of subjects vary from arts, science, writing, computers, dramatic play or theatre, math, literacy, etc.

If you have any queries, please reach out to your best childcare in Brooklyn on and we will be delighted to help you. You can also visit our center anytime from Monday to Friday between 7am to 6pm.