When you log on to find out about World of Wonder preschool curriculum you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Each program is designed to make your child a better kid and facilitate his / her growing needs.

Our preschool program aims at teaching children via hands-on activities that are teacher-directed. Our main goal is to assist children in meeting their academic potential via play and exploration. This also constitutes our major focus on experiential learning. When children try everything themselves, they learn better and understand in a better way. By way of touch and feel, audio-visual method, you are giving your child a chance to learn and know their immediate surroundings better. We get them school ready while addressing their different learning capabilities.

Our work is concentrated towards emerging skills that involve blending and phonetics, rhyming and sight words, math skills such as pattern recognition, single digit familiarization, addition concepts, and much more. It also pays special heed to other factors such as emotional and social skills, writing and reading, etc. to help them become better at what they do.

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